Bhakti Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2. Those who, fixing their thought on Me, contemplate Me always devout ; endued with supreme faith, those in my opinion are the best Yogins.Those devotees (bhaktas) who fix their mind on Me in the Universal Form, the Supreme Lord, and worship Me as the Governing Lord of all Masters of Yoga, who is omniscient, whose vision is free from the timira (purblindness) of attachment and other evil passions; they who always contemplate Me steadfastly (in the manner described in the closing verse of the preceding discourse), endowed with supreme faith, these, I think, are the best Yogins. Indeed, they pass their days and nights in incessant thought of Me. Wherefore it is but proper to speak of them as the best Yogins. The Worshippers of Akshara Are not the others, then, the best Yogins ?Stop ; hear thou what I have to say regarding them.
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. Then Bhagawan. stated thus:: "Oh, Arjuna, only those who meditate upon My Vishwa Roopa are the greater Yogis.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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