Bhakti Yoga :- SHLOK 01
1. Arjuna said:Those devotees who, always devout, thus contemplate Thee, and those also who (contemplate) the Imperishable, the Unmanifest,which of them are better versed in Yoga Thus: referring to what was said in the last preceding verse. He who does works for Me (xi. 55) and so on, Always devout ; engaged without intermission in doing works for the Lords sake and in doing other things taught before steadfast in mind. These devotees, seeking nobody else for their refuge, meditate on Thee in the Universal Form just manifested. There are others who, having abandoned all desires and renounced all actions, meditate on the Imperishable (akshara) Brahmanalso described above,who is unmanifest (avyakta, a e incomprehensible to the senses); as devoid of all upadhis or conditions.That indeed is said to be manifested (vyakta) which is visible to the senses, as the root of the word vyakta implies ; but this, the Imperishable (Akshara), is not so.These others meditate on the Imperishable, the Unmanifested, as defined by other attributes to be enumerated below. Of the two classes, who are better versed in Yoga ?The worshippers of Isvara. The Lord says: As to the worshippers of the Imperishable (Akshara) who see rightly and have abandoned desires, let them remain ; we shall say later on what has to be said regarding them.
Sri Shankaracharaya
1. After seeing the Vishwa Roopa, Arjuna questioned as follows: "Oh, Bhagawan; those people who always meditate with their mind immersed. in the Vishwa Roopa alone, which you have shown just now, and those who meditate on Akshara Brahma -devoid of any adjuncts, which you have been here and there teaching till now- between these two classes of people who are the better class of Yogis ? "
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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