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Love Notes

Love will Die, If held to Tightly
Love will Fly, If held to Lightly

Friendship Often Ends in Love...
But Love in Friendship-Never..

To Love and Win Is the Best Thing.
To Love and Lose, The Next Best...

To Love is Nothing.
To be Loved is Something..
To Love and be Loved is Everything...

Kindness in Words creates Confidence..
Kindness in Thinking creates Profoundness..
Kindness in Giving creates Love.

Dont Marry a Person You can Live with..
Marry Someone You cannot Live Without.

It Takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to Love someone..
But it takes a Lifetime to forget someone.

Love E-Cards
I Love You
I Love You
Three magical words... straight from your heart to your sweetheart's... to express how much he/ she means to you !
Missing You
Missing You
All alone and blue without your beloved ? Reach out with these warm messages to him/ her & bridge the distance...
Love Notes
Love Notes
Little messages of love to brighten up your sweetheart's mailbox !
Love Poems
Love Poems
Love is poetry straight from the heart... so give expression to your deepest feelings and make your beloved feel special !
Kiss And Make Up
Kiss And Make Up
The best part of having an argument or a tiff with your beloved... is making up after ! Reach out & unbreak his/ her heart !
You're Really Special
You're Really Special
Clovers, Hearts & Teddies for that 'someone special' in your life... to help the magic of your romance begin !
Mad About You
Mad About You
Cute, funny messages for your sweetheart... to say you're bonkers 'bout him/ her !
For Your Sweetheart For Your Sweetheart
Love needs no occasion. Reach out to your sweetheart with these warm messages & let him/ her know how you feel !

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