Rajvidya Rajguhya Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2. The Sovereign Science, the Sovereign Secret, the Supreme Purifier is this ; immediately comprehensible, unopposed to Dharma, very easy to perform, imperishable.Of sciences it is the king, because it is of great splendor Indeed, the science of Brahman is the most brilliant t of all sciences. So also, it is the king of secrets. Of all the purifiers, this knowledge of Brahman is the best purifier. That it is a purifier needs no saying, since it reduces karma to ashes in an instant, root and all; all the karma, dharma and adharma, which has been accumulated during many thousand births Moreover, it can be comprehended by patyakshapratyaksha, by immediate perception, like the feeling of pleasure and so on. What is possessed of many a desirable quality may be opposed to Dharma ; but not so is the knowledge of Atman opposed to Dharma ; on the other hand it is not separable from Dharma, i.e not opposed to it. Even then it may be supposed that it is very difficult to attain ; but it is not so, says the Lord. It is very easy to acquire, like the power of discriminating gems. Now, of the other acts, those which involve little trouble and are easily accomplished are seen to be productive of small results, and difficult acts are found to be productive of great results. Accordingly it may be imagined chat this Brahmaj aana which is so easily attained perishes when its effect is exhausted: to prevent this supposition, the Lord says that it is imperishable. It does not perish like an act when the effect is exhausted. Wherefore knowledge of Atman (Self) is worth acquiring.But,
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. This is the best among all branches of knowledge, the most sacred and which can directly be experienced or intuited. This can easily be obtained and has a fruit which can never get diminished or worn out.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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