Karmasanyas Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2.The Blessed Lord said:Renunciation and Yoga through action both lead to the highest bliss ; but, of the two, Yoga through action is esteemed more than renunciation of action.Samnyasa and Karmayoga, renunciation of actions and performance of actions, both lead to moksha, as giving rise to (spiritual) knowledge. Though both lead to moksha, yet, of the two means of attaining moksha, Karma. Yoga is better than mere unaccompanied with knowledgeKarmasamnyasa. Thus the Lord has praised KarmaYoga.Wherefore ?The answer follows:
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. When Arjuna asked thus, Bhagavan replied as follows:,"Both Sanyasa and Karma Yoga are needed for Liberation. But it is better to perform Karma than to give it up.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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