Gyan Karmasanyas Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2. This, handed down thus in succession, the Kingsages learnt, This Yoga, by long lapse of time, has been lost here, O harasser of foes.This Yoga, thus handed down in regular succession among the Kshatriyas, the kingsagesmen who were at once kings and sages learnt. The tradition of this Yoga has now for a long time been broken here, O Arjuna, who harassest thy foes, like the sun. by the heat of thy prowess.Seeing that the Yoga has been lost by falling into the hands of the weak who could not control their senses, and seeing also that the people have not been able to. attain the object of life.
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. Thus as this Samyagdarshana (Right Vision of the Reality), which was handed down traditionally by Rajarshis (kings who were the seers of the Reality), could not be further transmitted because of a lack of capacity on the part of recent generations, this was not available to the people for a long time.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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