Karma Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2. With an apparently perplexing speech, Thou confusest as it were my understanding. Tell me with certainty that one (way) by which I may attain bliss.No doubt the Lord speaks clearly ; still, to me of dull understanding the speech of the Lord appears to be perplexing. Thereby Thou confusest as it were my understanding. Arjuna means It is not possible That thou wouldst confuse me, Thou who hast undertaken to remove my confusion ? Hence I say Thou confusest as it were my understanding, He goes on:If Thou thinkest that knowledge and action, which are intended for two distinct classes of aspirants, cannot both be followed by one and the same person, then teach me one of the two, knowledge or action, after determining (within Thyself) that this one alone is suited to Arjuna, and is in accordance with the state and powers of his understanding; teach me that one of the two knowledge or action, by which I may attain bliss.If knowledge had been intended by the Lord to be at least an accessory to devotion to action, why then should Arjuna wish to know about only one of them. It had not indeed been said by the Lord that He would teach him one only of the two, knowledge or action, but not both; in which case alone Arjuna might ask for one only, seeing that both would not be taught to him.The Patha of knowledge and Action.The Blessed Lord gives the following reply, which is in conformity with the question:
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. Then Arjuna asked him; "If Jnana is superior to or better than Karma, why do you prompt or prod me to take up or undertake this terrible Karma or action of war I am not able to understand your opinion at all ! " When Arjuna said like this, Bhagavan stated:
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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