Gunatraya Vibhag Yoga :- SHLOK 02
2. They who, having resorted to this knowledge, have attained to unity with Me, are neither born in the creation, nor disturbed in the dissolution.Unity (sadharmya) here means identity. It does not mean equality in attributes, since in the Gitasastra no distinction is made between the Isvara and the Kshetrajna. And a declaration of the (true main end (of knowledge) is here necessary to praise the, knowledge. They who, having resorted to this knowledgei.e having practiced the necessary means whereby to attain that knowledge,have attained to identity with Me, the Supreme Lord, are neither born at the time of creation nor disturbed at the time of dissolution ; i.e they are not afflicted even at the time of Brahmas dissolution. Evolution of the universe from the union of Spirit and Matter. The Lord now proceeds to explain what sort of conjunction of Kshetrajna is the cause of all beings:
Sri Shankaracharaya
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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