Body & Soul(Kshetra Kshetragnya Vibhag Yoga):- SHLOK 02
2. And do thou also know Me as Kshetrajna in all Kshetras, O Bharata. The knowledge of Kshetra and Khetrajna is deemed by Me as the knowledge.Do thou also know the Kshetrajna, described above, to be Myself, to be the Supreme Lord, not a being of the world (samsara). The meaning is this:The Kshetrajna who is in all Kshetras, and who is differentiated by the manifold upadhis or Kshetras, from Brahma down to a clump of grass, is, you should understand, really devoid of all the various upadhis (conditions) and is inaccessible to any such word or thought as sat or asat, existent or nonexistent. As nothing else remains to be known apart from the true nature of Kshetra, Kshetrajna and the Isvara, that knowledge by which the two objects of knowledge, Kshetra and Kshetrajna, are known is considered by Methe Lord, Vishnuto be the right knowledge.The soul is subject to evil only through ignorance.(Objections):If only one Being, namely, Isvara, exists in all Kshetras, if there exists no being, no other enjoyer, distinct from Him, it would follow either that the Isvara is a samara ; or that there is no samsara because there is no samsarinnone else apart from the Isvara. Neither conclusion is acceptable ; for, then, it would follow that the scriptures which treat of bondage and liberation and their respective causes would have no purpose to serve. Moreover, the conclusion is opposed to all evidence, including sensuous perception (pratyaksha). In the First place, pleasure and pain and their causes, which together constitute the samsara, are known to us by immediate perception. And from our perception of variety in the world may also be inferred the existence of samsara arising from dharma and adharma. All this would be inexplicable if the Atman and the Isvara, the Self and the Lord, be identical.
Sri Shankaracharaya
2. The indweller in all the kshetras is Myself alone. The discrimination between Kshetra and Kshetrajna itself is the knowledge of the Ultimate Truth.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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