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If have ever played a GameBoy at some stage, you have almost certainly played this game before. The premise is simple: shaped blocks fall into a pit where you must arrange them so they fit neatly. A sort of juggling in one direction.

That sounds dull doesn't it? Wrong! If you place these blocks so they form a horizontal line, they disappear, and you earn some points. The more lines you clear simultaneously, the more points you earn. With each 10 lines cleared, you advance a level and the blocks fall faster. Just keep an eye on the time - it's amazing how much you can waste playing this.

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You can move your pieces whilst they fall using the Arrow Keys:

Left Arrow = Shift left
Right Arrow = Shift right
Up Arrow = Rotate
Down Arrow = Quick drop

Rotate your pieces with these keys:
X or PageDown = Rotate clockwise
Z or End = Rotate Counter-clockwise

Other controls are:
P = Pause game
Q = Quit game
M = Toggle music

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