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Nokia Bollywood Ringtones :: Amar Akbar Anthony
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Amar Akbar Anthony Tempo = 70bpm
2a2 8a2 8b2 16g2 16.a2 4.b2 2b2 16.b2 8c3 16a2 16.b2 4.c3 8.a2 8a2 8a2 8b2 32g2 8a2 4.b2 2b2 16.b2 8c3 32a2 16.b2 4.c3 16.a2 8a2 16.b2 8c3 8d3 8e3 16d3 32.c3 2d3 8c3 16.b2 8a2 8g2 8g2 16g2 8a2 16.b2 8b2 8c3 8b2 16a2 4.a2 32.e2 8e2

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