Karma Yoga :- SHLOK 01
1. Arjuna said: If it be thought by Thee that knowledge is superior to action, O Janardana, why then dost thou, O Kesava direct me to this terrible action If it had been meant that knowledge and action should be conjoined, then the means of salvation would be one only ; and, in that case, a broundless separation of knowledge from action would have been made by Arjuna declaring knowledge to be superior to action. If the two be regarded as constituting together a single means to a single end, they cannot at the same time be regarded to be distinct as producing distinct effects. Neither could we account for what Arjuna said Why then dost Thou direct me to this terrible action ? as if meaning to censure the Lord, on finding that Hefor what reason Arjuna could not see clearlyhad exhorted him to follow the unwholesome course of action after declaring that knowledge was superior to action.Now, if a conjunction of knowledge with the smartakarma only were intended for all by the Lord and understood by Arjuna as so intended, how could we then justify the words of Arjuna why dost Thou direct me to this terrible action ?
Sri Shankaracharaya
1. In the previous chapter, after instructing about the two approaches or aspects namely, Sankhya approach and Yoga approach, Bhagavan stated that Sankhyas, that is, Jnanis, will attain liberation by Jnana Nishtha through Karma Sanyasa. He advised Arjuna to perform Karma only.
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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