Mokshasanyas Yoga :- SHLOK 01
1. Arjuna said:Of samnyasa O Mightyarmed, I desire to know the truth, O Hyishikesa, as also of tyaga, severally, O Slayer of Kesin.Samnyasa: the connotation of the term samnyasa. Tyaga: the connotation of the term tyaga. Severally: as distinguished from each other. Kesin was an asura whom the Lord, the son of Vasudeva, slew, and the Lord is therefore addressed as Kesinisbudana, the Slayer of Kesin The words samnyasa and tyaga have been used here and there in the preceding discourses, their connotations, however, not being clearly distinguished. Wherefore, with a view to determining them, the Lord addresses Arjuna, who desired to know of them, as follows: The Blessed Lord said:
Sri Shankaracharaya
1. When Arjuna asked: "Oh Hrishikesha, oh Madhusudhana, please tell me distinctively the essence of Sanyasa and Tyaga (renunciation),"
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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