Shraddhatraya Yoga :- SHLOK 01
1. Arjuna said:Whoso worship, setting aside the ordinance of the scripture, endued with faith,what faith is theirs ? Is it Sattva, or Rajas, or Tamas ?Whoso: not exactly specified. It must refer to those who, endued with faith, i.e, thinking that there is some thing beyond,on observing the conduct of the learned, worship the Gods and the like, unaware of the procedure laid down in the scriptures, the sruti and the smriti. Those, on the other hand, who while knowing the injunctions of the scripture, set them aside and worship the Gods, etc contrary to those injunctions; they cannot indeed be meant here, be. cause of the qualification that they are endued with faith. We cannot suppose that those men are endued with faith who, while knowing the scriptural injunctions about the worship of the Gods, etc set them aside, without caring for them, and engage in the worship of the Gods which is not in accordance with the injunction. Therefore it is only the persons of the other class described above that are here refer red to. Arjunas question may be thus stated: Is the worship offered by them to the Gods, etc based in Sattva, or Rajas, or Tamas ?
Sri Shankaracharaya
1. Hearing Bhagwans statement that one should perform as per the stipulations of Shastra, Arjuna said: "Oh Bhagawan, as regards the Karmas of those who do not know the injunctions of the Shasatra but who perform them with faith and in accordance with a code of conduct, will they be Satvic, Raajasi or Taamasic ?"
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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